“The legendary position of Penfolds Grange makes shiraz the most famous grape variety of Australia. However, Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of some Australian wine regions, such as Coonawarra in South Australia, central Valley of Yarra Valley, Margaret River in Western Australia. Among the following ten Cabernet sauvignon, some enjoy long reputations of up to hundred years, some are new in recent decades. Any serious Australian wine master should at least try them all.”

“Highbank Family Reserve, Coonawarra, South Australia, 90 AUD”

The dominating vineyards in Coonawarra, South Australia are big and belong to large wineries some even multinational in size. Highbanks small family vineyard grows its grapes organically and produces a very unique fine wine with pleasant lasting flavours. This top Cabernet Sauvignon tastes of and expresses fragrances of black currant and mulberry, complimented with a hint of dark chocolate and black olive.
Ranked 5th of the TEN Top Cabernets in Australia!”

1 – Woodlands 150.00 AUD
2 – Lakes Folly 90.00 AUD
3 – Cullen 350.00 AUD
4 – Wendouree 120.00 AUD
5 –Highbank “Family Reserve”90.00 AUD
6 – Yeringberg 90.00 AUD
7 – Wynns John Riddoch 140.00 AUD
8 – Mount Mary “Quintet” 150.00 AUD
9 – Crawford River 50.00 AUD
10 – Mac Forbes “Hugh” 70.00 AUD