Highbank ‘Coonawarra’s Artisan’

The only Limestone Coast finalist winery in the 14th Annual South Australian Regional Awards for: “Outstanding achievements and significant contributions demonstrating excellence in regional leadership”.

Premium Food and Wine from a Clean Environment – Wine

The name ‘Highbank’ comes from the famous strip of red earth – the high bank of ground that is the central spine of the true Coonawarra wine district.

Many of Highbank’s latest wine reviews point out that Highbank is setting a benchmark standard for elegant wines being produced in Coonawarra.

Visitors are invited to spend time in the very private vineyard accommodations of Highbank and sample some of the best from this region’s artisan winemaker.

The cellar door is open by appointment. Wines are primarily sold to the finest restaurants in Australian capital cities, and in the last 20 years Highbank has exported wines to 15 countries.

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